About Our Company

As Vezne24 Collection Systems and Payment Services Inc., we obtained our Payment Agency license with the decision of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency dated September 13, 2018, numbered 7964. experience we gained in the international arena in the Payment Services, by contributing to the global competitiveness of the payment services sector in Turkey, which facilitates the hedefliyoruz.hayat to take a leading role in the development sector, quality service and innovative payment solutions, our mission to be held in a secure way hızlıv of payment services, global we are very excited and pleased to carry our experience in Turkey.

Single Shareholder

Luis A. Gasparini

Vezne24 Tahsilat Sistemleri ve Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Foundation Year



10.000.000 TL

Mersis No


Luis Alberto GASPARINI

Chairman of the Board


Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

Necdet VUREL

Board Member